Mentor Freight (Pty) Ltd

Crating & Packaging

Hexagon Packaging is registered with the Department of Agriculture to apply the certification mark in terms of International Standards NO 15 (ISPM 15): Guidelines for regulating wood packing material in international trade. This means that our wood used in the crating of your cargo has been treated against pests and does not require to be fumigated and therefore no fumigation costs will be added.

Cost Effective

Secure Crating

Hexagon Packaging manufactures fully enclosed and skeleton wooden crates used manly for fragile, heavy or high-value cargo. This is a very secure form of packaging, to ensure the safety of your goods. All wooden crates, pallets are custom built, to ensure minimum volume and weight.

Crating & Packaging Solutions

General Cargo

Hexagon Packaging also carries a range of wrapping and strapping materials to assist in palletizing of cargo. This is mainly for cargo already boxed, and non fragile items. We do the packing and lashing of containers on site.

Hexagon Packaging supplies an on site packaging service at our clients premises for the packaging of personal effects and relating products. We also provide collection and delivery services to our clients in need of transport assistance.

Hexagon packaging also carries a wide range of fiberboard cartons for the packing of fragile cargo such as glassware, personal effects and curios.

United Nations Certified Packaging

Dangerous Goods

Hexagon Packaging is a supplier of United Nations Certified packaging for transport of dangerous goods by air, sea and land.

Their mission is to provide our clients with reliable and tailor-made packaging solutions. We have been established to satisfy the logistical needs of the market in South Africa. Their sole purpose as a packaging company is to provide its clients with the highest innovative services possible.

Hexagon Packaging offers expert advice, technical expertise, and they stock a wide range of United Nations approved packaging certified after performance testing for all packing groups, covering both single and combination packaging.

Performance testing includes drop, stack and water testing to meet United Nations packaging test criteria.

Additional items such as hazardous labels, trem cards, inner packaging materials and also palletizing of hazardous cargo into overpacks are available.

Their fully qualified staff ensures goods are packed and documented to comply with current air (IATA) and sea (IMDG) regulations, offering outstanding value and service to your requirements.

They assist in the classifications of hazardous cargo, cargo inspections, repack and re-document shipments in transit, or to prepare new sets of Shippers Declarations for dangerous goods by air, sea and road. Hexagon Packaging is able to not just pack your cargo, but transport your cargo as well. They have a range of vehicles all complying with the road regulations for the transport of dangerous goods and flammable cargo.

Repacking includes decanting of chemicals into smaller quantities if needed, and decanting from one container to another in case of non-compliant packages.