Mentor Cargo Information Services (MCIS) has been developed with you the client in mind, keeping you informed throughout the entire logistics process. What we offer you as a client total is transparency throughout the movement of your shipment process from the time your order is placed, until the time your goods are delivered, we keep you up to date. MCIS is an event-driven system. The system produces the following:

  • Daily reporting (event-driven).
  • At every event, you are emailed a status of where, when and what is happening to your cargo.
  • We track the container, as well as the vessel.
  • When it leaves the port of origin, we advise you up until it reaches the port of destination, unless it is transhipped, we also track all transhipments.
  • From there you are informed continuously.

Our global network allows us to track every step of the way.

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