Mentor Freight Services (Pty) Ltd (MFS) is able to prepare import estimates prior to shipment and produce line by line costing’s of goods after they have been landed in SA. These are both valuable tools which enable customers to plan orders, and to cost goods at the time of receipting them into their own system.

We at MFS are aware how important your goods are to your business and that time is always of the essence, along with moving, clearing and delivering your cargo we can provide you with a landed cost per an item for all your imported goods by providing you with a landed cost schedule per shipment for both Airfreight and sea freight shipments.

The landed costing of your goods is based on the Customs Rate of exchange at the time of clearance, the freight charges are proportionally allocated to each item based on the value of the goods that you as the importer are importing.

If the value weighted landed costing does not suit your needs one of the sales or operations personal will be able to formulate a solution that will fit your needs.

We believe the landed costing schedule will save you time effort an allows you to get your goods to market or into the production quicker with the peace of mind knowing that you have the accurate landed costs.

Another way MFS endeavours to provide you with a complete logistics solution.

If you have more questions about our freight forwarding services and you want us to call you, simply click on the button and complete the online form.